Art And How It Has Changed The History Of Politics

How Art has changed the history of politics

Art and politics have a history together where they have clashed in various ways. Sometimes art has helped politics, but many more times it has been used to show the corruption that is going on within them. Learn about a couple of ways art and history affect each other.

There are tons of ways that artists can show what they think about politics without blatantly saying anything. There are also people that do political cartoons that pretty much spell out what they disagree with. When someone creates art and then shows it off in a very public place, it could make people change their minds about various aspects of what they believe in. You may, for instance, see photographs from an artist of a city’s poorer population in protest of a person running for a high position in a town where they caused the poverty.

These visible instances are even true in the online personas of today.

Sometimes politicians get tired of art and try to destroy, censor, or change it completely. There are a lot of cases of people in politics doing things like saying music influences children to do things to they censor it. Most of the time these things are related to religious ideas, and so it’s very much an issue with a lot of people because religion shouldn’t play a role in how society is ruled. When people hear about art not being in its original form, they tend to look into it and make it more attractive than if it was left alone.

This is disheartening and a product of our overall political spectrum. I recently joined a cause where the people can speak up, it’s called NAR Okay, back to the article.

Once you see how art and politics influence one another, you know just how unstable the situation is. There are many more examples if you wish to do further research. It’s good to know just how deeply art influences how things are done in the world even if we don’t notice all the time.