The Integral Between Art and Politics


Throughout modern history, there has been a wide range of artworks that have been created across the globe. People do everything from simple sketches to large complex works that take years to complete. Probably the largest piece of art and some do view it as such, is the Great Wall. The wall provided a barrier between China and the people to the west of them.

The reality is that politics and arts are intertwined pieces of society that help to influence and shape one another. You can see how artistic works have made alterations to laws throughout the centuries, often because the leaders are strongly emotionally moved by the art. The political choices made may involve reducing or increasing censorship, depending on the period, the piece of work and politician being discussed.

Poets throughout Europe were often banned by the ruling governments if the work was considered inappropriate for some reason. These scandals make for fascinating historical reading that can give a different view of the same situation then you will find in traditional textbooks.

Many artists attempt to place politically charged messages in their works, either overtly or covertly. For instance, back during the Vietnam War, there were many songs released by people who were against the conflict. These helped to charge the public to stand up and speak out against the entry into the country and their sadness regarding the loss of life that was brought about as a result. When politicians and others began to push for labeling on records, musicians answered with sometimes outrageous songs denouncing the choice.

If you are interested in seeing history in a whole new light, investigate the various connections between art and politics throughout time. You are sure to be fascinated by all of the things you learn.